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Madefire Comics
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Madefire comics and motion books app is the next level reading application. This app gives you a new way to read your favourite comic books with live motion effects. You will feel like that you are watching a movie but it will just be a book you will read. It has a huge collection of comic books which you read anywhere anytime. You will never find an app like this because it has the best features that make this app the best among all the other apps in this category. This app will enhance your reading experience with your favourite superheroes.

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Madefire Comics

Additional Information

App NameMadefire Comics & Motion Books Apk

Size15.6 Mb
MOD InfoAll Unlocked
Last Update1 Day Ago

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Huge Collection of Motion Books

This application is very easy to use and the best thing is that they often update their app enter the new comic book in the collection. It jas more than 30,000 plus motion books and comics which you can read whenever you want anytime anywhere. It has very famous comics from DC, Marvel, IDW and many others. So you can never get bored by this application.

Unlimited Downloading

This app doesn’t have any limitations so you can easily download your favourite books and comic book from this app. You can read all your Downloaded books whenever you want without an internet connection. This app will never disappoint you because it gives you the same features will you are using offline. Simply download your favourite books to read them offline.

Graphics and Sound Effects

While reading your motion books you will clearly hear the sound effects which are coming from your book. Also, it has awesome graphic effects that are why it feels like that you are watching a movie because you will see effects and sounds while reading. You will never find these features on any other reading app. So with this app, you can read your favourite superheroes comics with live motion.


Q: Are these media fire comics and motion books app is free or paid?
Yes! This amazing reading application is completely free of cost to download but it has some features or items or paid and you have to pay for them.

Q: How to get the premium version of made fire comics and motion books app?
For this purpose, you need to download the mobile version which is available on the internet. Then install that mod fire in your device to use the premium version with complete features for free.

Q: How much space storage do I need to download the Madefire comic’s app?
The size of this application is around 14 Mbs on the internet so you don’t need Big space storage to download this app on your mobile.

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