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For racing enthusiasts looking for a unique and refreshing driving experience, there is no better game than Traffic Racer. That said, in this game, players can forget to win the race or defeat their opponents. Instead, the game focuses only on providing complete driving gameplay. You will have the opportunity to drive in multiple vehicles and experience the daily life of a long-distance truck driver. For more information on this exciting game of Soner Kara, see our review.

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App NameTraffic Racer

MOD InfoUnlocked/Unlimited Money
Last Update1 day ago

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Traffic Racer is one of the few racing games on the mobile platform that allows gamers to focus on the driving side without having to worry about competitive ideas. Therefore, you can enjoy your trip more time by cruising the beautiful scenery. Drive your favorite car, including container trucks, sports cars, and SUVs. Experience different sensations while riding different cars.

Amazing Features

As mentioned above, this is a great racing game for mobile gaming. Traffic racers are arguably a milestone for arcade and racing gamers. You can earn money beyond traffic. The amazing thing is that you can also buy multiple cars and upgrade them. Traffic racers let you enjoy endless racing. There are so many things that make this game an amazing one, and also the best racer for mobile gamers. Here are some of the factors that make the game enjoyable:

More Than 40 Cars To Play With

There is a huge collection of cars to choose from in this game. Traffic racers make it easy to get the most desirable car in the world. As mentioned above, there are more than 50 cars used in this game. Unlock another car and customize it as needed.

Use these cars to travel to different locations and explore different locations in Traffic Racer. Download Traffic Racer Mod APK for free You can play modapk of this game and enjoy various changed features. the mod app has unlimited money. You can use this money to unlock your car and customize it to your liking.

Travel To Different Locations And Drive Unique Terrain

Traffic Racers players, on the other hand, have the opportunity to visit different places along the way. Drive a unique truck and test your skills in different terrains such as suburbs, cities, deserts, snow, and rain. Practice driving on different trucks and learn how to become a traffic racing expert.

Explore An Interesting Game

In addition to exciting game modes, Traffic Racers also has minor changes that make the game more addictive compared to other racing titles. That said, if you can increase your total score, you can drive faster. At speeds over 100 km/h, you can overtake cars at close range and get bonus scores. Plus, passing into the oncoming lane in two-way mode can be fun and rewarding.

Realistic And Detailed NPC Traffic

Unlike many other racing games, Traffic Racers displays incredibly rich and detailed NPC traffic and makes you feel like you’re on the road. Let your car outrun multiple trucks, buses, SUVs, bikes, and even sports cars. Experience realistic mechanics and physics as a unit.

Customize Your Ride

Also, when you join the game, there are many exciting customizations that you can try to make your car stand out on the road. Change the type of wheel, graphics, paints, and more. Also, your car available to you has many upgradeable features. Improve the speed and control of your car.


Download the latest version of Traffic Racer to drive a variety of cars. Play different game modes and explore different places in the game.

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